This web site is to share with the public my experience with Jim Whittles and Meryl Kadden and their business of Plug Yours In (aka, 800 Plug Yours In, 800-plgursn, and plgursn), California contractor’s license 592179.

Jim Whittles and his wife (I was told Meryl Kadden was Jim Whittles wife) agreed to have me build a web site for their new company; a company that appears to be a P.O. Box at a UPS Store (formerly Mail Boxes, etc.) in Aliso Viejo.
All parties agreed upon the scope of work, price, and time frame.

Per our agreement, we registered the domains and Since we have never been paid for our work, we maintain those domains to let people know about our experiences.

My understanding is that they use even though it does not match their legal business name.
We wrote the content, designed the site, set the account up on the server, etc. We fulfilled everything on our end of the agreement within 30 days.

They had approved all layouts and design, and the text information.  Once we presented the final product, they said they had a few minor content changes.

Once we received the minor changes it was a matter of cut and paste the new text on the template we designed (and they approved).

Despite our follow up, the content never came.

Then they stopped taking or returning our calls.  We were finally told that they hired someone else and they no longer needed our services.  Meryl actually had the gall to tell me “We never had a legal agreement”.

I believe we did, or I would have never invested the time or money to build this for them.  I feel they breached our contract and left us high and dry.

In my opinion, with all of the documentation, emails, etc., we would easily prevail in small claims court. However, I get more satisfaction in letting the world know my experience with Jim Whittles and Meryl Kadden who live in the Menifee – Temecula area but have their contractors license in Aliso Viejo.

Another who had a poor experience with Jim Whittles, Meryl Kadden, and the group of company names they use (but the legal contactor’s name is 800 PLG URS N AUDIO VIDEO) posted his story here.

If you have happened on to this web site because you had a bad experience with, Jim Whittles, Meryl Kadden, or MERYL THE INSTALLER, INC. -consider sharing your story.

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